We Change Ourself..

I was setting a class for drug abusers today and i take some time to relax and hear out what is the class are all about. It happens to be The 12 Steps (Steps of fighting with ourself to be a better men).. some sort like that i think..

I didn't joined them for long as i was sleepy, then i go somewhere else.. about two hours later i came back and manage to listen The Ends of the class.

I got just a little idea of the message it tries to deliver:

-Don't expect people to help us by doing it exactly what we have in mind
-Don't complain if someone trying to help us and it doesn't work
-There are many ways to overcome our problem, one help doesn't mean it settles our problem
-Two types of thinking in this world which are Logical and Facts, we have to accepts facts..
-It's okay to change but It's a tragedy if we don't
-There is no such thing as we died and burried alone in a grave, try to live your life at its peak..
-Be honest to yourself


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