Satisfaction in your job..

Have you ever feels the satisfaction on any job you've done so far?

It's nice and cool when you do something and you done it right, you done it honestly, and you done it great.
Never think negative on the job you are doing even if its paid or not, if you are honest about it you can done it great.

If you don't like you job then, just quit it. Don't get stressed over a job that doesn't suit you, it might effects your health, your social life or your anything arounds you.

But never say no to a job that you haven't give any efforts towards it. Do it first then decide after that.

For me I accept any job offered as long as I can do it with all the will I have and its legal. Everything is a challenge in our life and it depends on how we struggle to get use to it and make changes from and into it.



Go Green, Save Our Earth...


NASA reports dat by d nxt 10months,earth gets hotter by 4degrees frm now.
Himalayan glaciers are meltin@rapid rate.
Our climate is changin drastically & it's getting worst.
We must help fight Global Warming by doin this steps:

1.Plant more trees
2.Don't waste water
3.Use cloth bag and don't burn plastic.

Please Have Concern as We live together in this Earth and for the futures of later generations...


Assist me..

I recently learn about Assist in the term for those who have problems in substance abuse. Its a nice idea where we help on those people in knowing and identifying their level of substance abuse by category.
What i'm interested is that it can give awareness ot theirself about what state are they in and the side effects they are or will experienced. Its alsois a good tool for screening or evaluation for interviewer or valuer on facing with those people.Well done for those who made this.. i might wanna study about it for a bit..


Hard Work is Satisfaction...

Working in an office some people thinks is a great job, the air is cool, all wearing proper attire, we have our own work desk, and we don't even need to sweat.
But for me... i think.. Working in an office :-

1.Make me fatter!!
5.Too comfortable
7.Making me physically weak
8.Chocked by the thin air... and so on....

Thats what i think, but it doesn't mean i don't like to have my own office to work..
But its great to work in an environment where i need to work in an office and also needed to work outdoor which accuired physical and mental of at the same time.

At the end of the day, i go home and spend the time with my family then go to a deep sleep.. Thats Nice...


Some time for Nature..

Today i went picnic with my lovely wife at Teluk Bahang Beach, Penang.
The place was nice and the sea is calm.. the beach is really sandy and the water not so deep and are suiatable for family with small kids. I try my luck on fishing but i guess today is not my luck as my line keep broken.. maybe by crabs.. We spend a nice time swimming (even thou i can swim), we even saw a small sea snake swim not far from us and some kids capture the snake using a stick and throw it far away for safety purpose.. We enjoy the day so much and went home at sunset..

For those who rarely spend some time together with their love ones, you should do so. Escape from technologies for a while and spend some quality time with mother nature along with your love ones especially with your family. PeAcE!!


We Change Ourself..

I was setting a class for drug abusers today and i take some time to relax and hear out what is the class are all about. It happens to be The 12 Steps (Steps of fighting with ourself to be a better men).. some sort like that i think..

I didn't joined them for long as i was sleepy, then i go somewhere else.. about two hours later i came back and manage to listen The Ends of the class.

I got just a little idea of the message it tries to deliver:

-Don't expect people to help us by doing it exactly what we have in mind
-Don't complain if someone trying to help us and it doesn't work
-There are many ways to overcome our problem, one help doesn't mean it settles our problem
-Two types of thinking in this world which are Logical and Facts, we have to accepts facts..
-It's okay to change but It's a tragedy if we don't
-There is no such thing as we died and burried alone in a grave, try to live your life at its peak..
-Be honest to yourself



Show Your Strenght..!!

Todays topic is about Showing our own strenght towards others.
Everyone have their own strenght that can be use in daily task and can be a very powerfull tools for our success. Whats important is that we use it the right way with perfect timing. Do not let others takes advantages towards us and use our strenght for their own benefits. Instead, we can directly show what we have to offer to the Higher Management anything that can amazed them. Stand big and stand proud of our self.
As from my experience, the more you have to offer to your bosses or anyone, the more you stand out and have the chance of being acknowledge. Try not to make enemy towards others from your strenght but befriends with them.
Who knows someday you might be THAT POWERFULL PERSON..... PeAcE!!