Don't waste your free time..!!

I'm not very good at not wasting my free time...
i'm not actually wasting any time during my free time but i actually spend my free time with crappy things to do. Here are my Top 10 crappy things to do at free time

1.Sleep.. Sleep.. Sleep..
3.Play With my 'Black Heads'
4.Social Network... Facebook etc..
5.Video Games
6.Play with my cat
7.Looking at the fish
8.Doing Nothing
9.Watching TV
10.Pampering my fat belly..

Those are the things you shouldn't do i think, but it feels nice when doing crappy things and i enjoyed it.. I really hope for this year 2011 i could spend  my free time with better things to do thats physically and mentally profits me.. PeAcE!!

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